Visit our headquarters in the United States in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re the next generation in surface protection

While the name of Coval may be new to the world of surface protection, the team of scientists who developed the products have been working at the forefront of nano technology for many years. That’s why we’ve hit the ground running with one of the most comprehensive range of surface protection products available. But we’re not stopping there!

We already have an ambitious schedule of new product releases and we’ll be revealing them in upcoming months. If you want to be at the forefront of developments in surface protection, we’d suggest you register with us using our Keep me Posted facility.

As you will see elsewhere on the website, our ambitions are not confined to the U.S. Already we have formed partnerships overseas and are looking to further expand into new territories. Surface protection is an exciting and, in certain ways, a relatively young business sector. We believe that Coval is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the public sector and private businesses and individuals too who are looking for high-performance surface protection.