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Marine & Hull Coat
Marine environments can be acclaimed for their beauty and serenity, but they can also be harsh and destructive. Coval's Marine & Hull Coat preserves the first and protects against the second.

Used on the hulls and props of ships, Coval’s Marine & Hull Coat offers significant savings.

The science of surface protection takes a quantum leap forward with Coval Molecular Chemical.

Leading edge products employing the very latest 21st century molecular technology to deliver even higher levels of protection. That’s Coval. Products that have not simply taken nano technology onto a new level, but surpassed it. And along the way set new standards in surface protection.

In every area, Coval Molecular excels:-

Staying Power
Ease of Application
Ease of Maintenance
Compelling Cost-Effectiveness

Not only this, but Coval meets the most current environmental testing standards too. Low and zero VOCs really are just the beginning.

Whatever surface protection solution you’re looking for, there’s almost certain to be a Coval product that will meet your needs. Check out our products and applications and you’ll begin to appreciate the depth of Coval’s capabilities.

Try us. Test us. We’re up for the challenge.