The uses for Coval products are virtually unlimited but we've listed just some of the potential uses.

Marine and Hull Coat

Coval’s Marine product will protect boat hulls and propellers from marine life and barnacles. It can be used on steel and aluminum hulls, fiberglass and concrete hulls, on dams, concrete pipelines, concrete holding ponds, oil rigs, and the bits of bridges which are under-water. It has also been used successfully in fish hatcheries.

Metal Coat

Coval’s Metal coat, like all our other coatings is also protection against graffiti vandalism and can be cleaned as many times as the Graffiti product. Use Coval Metal Coat when the substrate is metal and needs protection from corrosion and deterioration as well as graffiti: e.g. bridges, agricultural and building machinery, ski chairs, metal post boxes, girders, chains exposed to acid.

Concrete Coat

Coval Concrete Coat protects concrete floors from stains, water damage, oil, mild acids and graffiti.  It is an extremely durable coating for use on concrete floors and concrete tiles in homes, shops, supermarkets, malls and factories and concrete walls in both domestic and commercial use and on benches and planter boxes.

Wood Coat

Coval Wood Coat provides protection from moisture, stains, scratches and graffiti. Use it in restaurants, bars, on reception desks, on sealed painted or stained cabinetry and furniture in domestic, residential, commercial and industrial use.  It is also an excellent protective coating for bright work on boats.

Stone Coat

Coval Stone Coat protects natural calcium-based stone surfaces such as marble, limestone, travertine and onyx from moisture, stains, etching from mild acids and graffiti. It can be used on stone tiles, on benches, on paths, floors and walls in commercial, industrial and residential areas.

Anti-Graffiti Coat

All of Coval’s coatings provide exceptional anti-graffiti protection.  This coating named Anti-graffiti Coat is best suited for non-porous substrates such as painted surfaces, plastic or signs: e.g. painted buildings walls and fences in schools and other public and private buildings and on business and road signage.