Coval Plastic Coat

It is durable, UV stable, peel and flake resistant and extends the life of plastic surfaces.  It reduces the rate of oxidation, cracking and discoloring. It will restore the color from UV damage and then provide long-lasting protection from future UV damage.

Coval Plastic Coat does not simply sit on the surface. Instead it forms a covalent molecular bond with the substrate creating a superior barrier against moisture, oil, mild acids, stains, abrasion and graffiti.

Coval Plastic Coat is cost-effective. It requires less maintenance, is easy to clean and lasts longer than traditional coatings so offers significant cost and labor advantages.

Use Coval Plastic Coat on plastic surfaces, plastic furniture, stadium seats, vehicle interiors, and vinyl awnings.

Tough, durable, environmentally sound and free of carcinogens

With less than 100g/L VOC it outperforms the most stringent air-quality controls in the US.  Coval also measures as being carcinogen free as defined by California Prop 65.

Coval Plastic Coat is a very thin molecular clear quartz coating using nano-sized particles designed to penetrate into the surface of plastic or vinyl.